Rabu, 25 April 2012

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   Anggota :
   Kautsar ichall patiwara | scream vocall
   Joviano | clean vocal
   Wiell kellin |lead guitars
   Rie shawn Depoyster | guitars
   Rezky Anjar Praditya | bass
   Gery Gustira |drums

   Genre : Rock |Screamo | Post Hardcore
   Location / ID : Bandung west Java
   Booking Contact Persont Management :  081809462806 (Rere)

Selasa, 24 April 2012

Biografi :Bye Bye Bunny is a band  that chooses deathh cartoon symphonies for their genre .it was started  at 2010 when mr anggun (vocals)went out from  his other band and decided to make someting new with music .after het met avian (lead guitars),robby (guitars ),zany (bass) and panda (drums)they started a new story because of the difference of their influences they made music collaborating death metal wi, ...the cartoon symphonies  just like their new single "Dirty Babble"(Monsters vs Darkness ) their first show was on 3I st january  at new  Viersa  Cafe after that Robby and Zany went out from the band because of something he cant explain then Arie and Gar a guitarist and bassist from a local band wished to join them they decided to change their genre into DeathCore                                              

Genre : Deathcore
Asal Band / ID : Bandung | Jawa Barat.
Facebook : Bye Bye Bunny

Senin, 23 April 2012

it made on last april and the name of this band gave by man as our
vocalist ,couse that name is take from our favourit drink .
and this band take a screamo as our genre,before that we was take
deathcore and so.on

and we are call our fans is "Idiotic teams"

Location / ID | Bandung, West Java

Genre | Epic |Screamo Metalcore

Anggota | Irman-voc |clean scream
                Muss -Synth (keyboard)
                San San -Bass
                Panda - Drumer
                Garunk -Guitar I
                Adhy -Guitar II